How to make a simple desk

Most of my activities at home in Chile like reading and writing have been taking place either on bed or couch. And I tend to feel too comfortable to concentrate for long time since they are good friends of sleepiness. With that in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted: a desk.

On the other hand, one of my life dreams is to construct my own house, and I needed to start making something small, such as…a desk!

So I just decided to give it a try.

The materials needed are quite simple (see the image below):
-Wood parts (2 sides, drawer, back and top),
-Screw driver and screws,
-Measure and pencil

*drawer’s piece is not necessary if you don’t need, but the back part is really important to maintain the balance. The top part needs to be a bit bigger than the one of the drawer because of the width of 2 sides (3cm in total).

And here are 5 steps to make a desk:

  1. Look up some photos online to figure out the shape
  2. Measure the height, width and length at home (take a note on a piece of paper)
  3. Go to nearest Home Center to buy woods (pass the note to the employee)
  4. Carry your woods (It was the toughest part for me)
  5. Assemble (the most fun part).

【Before assembling】

Order of assembly:
(1). 2 side parts and drawer
(2). the back part and (1)
(2). Put the top part and that’s it!

【Voila! After assembling!】

Some might say “why bother making a desk when you can buy it anywhere?”

Well, I think some of the benefits of making your own desk over buying are:

  • You can choose the exact size depending on your available space,
  • It is cheaper (It cost me about 9,000 Chilean Peso, which is around US$15)
  • Creating (craft work) is fun!

In total, it took me 5 hours (3 hours of shopping + 2 hours of assembly).
Although this is nothing but a simple desk, this experience gave me a little bit of confidence toward making more complicated one.

Let’s see how much my productivity will increase thanks to this mini desk!

【The birth of my small office】


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