I started e-learning

I’ve started e-learning (online education)!!

Since I might teach e-learning in the future, I tried to do by my self, because I thought
“How can you teach something through which you’ve never learned??”

Besides, it’s free and easy to reach. (Since it’s online, I can’t phisically reach, haha, ha)
What I found was the course of Monitoring & Evaluation, created by some international organizations (UNICEF, UNDP) and universities. In the field of educational development, I think these skills will be an asset.

It is a weekly course (total 10 weeks) and you get certificate when finished.
I just finished two weeks’ courses. The contents are as follows:
1. Video lecture (10~30 min)
2. Reading (10~30 pages)
3. Mutiple test (you need to get 8 correct out of 10 to pass)

[Reflection after finishing] 1 and 2 parts were really useful. However, the quality of the part 3 was not quite high, given that I think you can guess the answer without 1 and 2 parts.
Anyway, I will keep doing this until I get the certificate.

The site is here (<– no longer available as of 2022 January, which shows one characteristic of e-learning)


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