International aid day and personal interview

Did you know that the October 6th was International Aid day?

I didn’t know about it, although I am working in this field. Actually there are too many “international day of XXX”.

However, this year, an article about my interview was published on that day through Japanese job search magazine “My Navi”, titled《What we can do now for the world》

Content of my interview

More than one year ago, I was interviewed by one person from voluntary group “JANIC Youth”. The content consists of my work, in particular 2 projects I am in charge of ーOne educational development project and the other on education in emergencies ー as well as my personal history. The article can be found here, titled “Children, development and emergency situation in Mongolia“.

How it happened?

But, what does this article have something to do with job search magazine?

What happened was that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan contacted me, asking if they could publish my interview article mentioned above, since they wanted to publish one comprehensive article about international aid through Japanese magazine. Their objective was to motivate young Japanese to work in this field.

Content of the magazine article for the international aid day

The published article is quite comprehensive, since it includes many topics such as “what is going on, especially in developing countries” “what is international aid”, “what can we do today for the world?” and “specific working case of the ministry, JICA, UN and NGO”. And my article shows an example of NGO part.

Learning of this time

Sharing my history not only could help others who would like to work in this field, but also could motivate me to advance further in the future.

The entire article

My part and the entire magazine article can be found below. I hope this could be of any use even for one person, although I had never used this magazine to find a job.

《My part (NGO)》

《The entire article (the ling can be found here until the end of October)》


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