International environmental day

Wine! Seafood! party! and hangover!!!

It’s been 3 weeks since I got Santiago Chile. I’m doing internship in UNESCO-Chile office.
I haven’t updated my blog. For what am I writing this? There is no answer to that question yet.

Speaking of an answer, I’m going to do “quiz with colors”

Q: What is that?
A. quiz about color
B. quiz which has three colored answers
C. quiz to look for hidden color

Yes, this is for tomorrow, July 5th-“international environmental day”, which I wouldn’t have known had I not got involved with this internship, let alone thinking about environment seriously.

The quiz is for 800 girls, and this activity is supposed to be creative, which I believe is.
Let’s see if I can contribute myself to saving environment.

The detail will be discovered in the next blog.


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