It is never too early or too late

I think there can exists right moments in certain things.
But I also believe that we can sometimes make up the right moment on our own.

We often hear parents/teachers saying that “s/he is too early for that”.
On the other hand, we even more hear the following phrase: “I am too old for this”.

Is it true? Where does it come from?

I believe these notions are based on our tacit rules (common sense), which are subject to change over the time.
Although I prefer not to say the latter “I am too old for this” when I get older, I also understand it. The older you get, the more you are used to what you’ve constructed previously and the more difficult to change it.

So what I think is important to prevent that from happening is being always ready to change things in any circumstances, so that you can constantly keep challenging. Also, when you see someone who broke the tacit rules, you can keep yourself motivated.

For example, I came across two different videos on dance, which reminded me that It is never too early nor too late.

A 3 year old powerful dancer (never too early version)

A 79 year old powerful dancer (never too late version)

Especially, after watching 2nd video, it is hard to say “it’s too late” isn’t it?


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