Just eat octupus or learn the language !

Finally, I made my debut as an actor in Chile!!


This is a comedy video made by Wokitoki (Chilean institution which creates funny video weekly) to advertise a language institution “Education First” and to be honest, I was just asked to help a small part of this video.

Please watch out 3:40 when I appear.

*Just for your information about my part: this actress pretends that she understands Japanese, which puts her in a difficult situation.
When she ordered Sushi, I became angry saying

“WHAT? SUSHI? I have no such a thing and all I have is octopus. It is very fresh and still alive! Just eat this octopus!!”

Saying “ok” without understanding whatsoever, she was served the octopus and was about to throw up.

The message of this video is “let’s stop pretending that you understand that language and start learning with an effort.”

Well, I guess most people have thought about the following question at least once:

How can I improve my foreign language skills?

Although there is no perfect answer to that, as far as I heard, the common thing among those who gained other languages skills to a master level is “working really hard on it”.

However, maybe there exists something which might help to understand language skills.

One example of that is music.
According to a research mentioned in the article “Are Musicans better language learners”, children who learn music from a young age find it easier to learn languages even in adulthood.

I guess it makes a lot of sense given that you need to hear language well and music can enhance your hearing skills.

Also, the other way is through acting.
I believe that this method really works, because I still remember my lines in English when I was studying acting and whenever I need to use that phrase, it just comes out.

In general I like learning and language is no exception, but I stopped demanding too much and became realistic. When I went to the US, I wanted to speak English as fluent as native speaker, but gradually I came to understand that I don’t have to be like a native speaker as long as I could make myself understood in that language, since language is a tool and I just need to use the tool to achieve my objective. In fact, my English and Spanish are far from perfect, but I just need to improve little by little withtout hurry.

Besides, learning is endless because the more you learn, the more you realize that you lack of something. That’s also why learning is exciting.

To gain more excitement, I decided to take a class of French which I had studied by myself for more than a year. I think nowadays we can get almost any information, but to learn a new language, you need to keep using it, which is difficult condition if you are in a place where that language is not used.

So let’s see how much I can learn French in Chile.

When people asked where I learned spanish, I like to see their surprise after me saying “in New York”

It is time to prepare to say “I learned French in Chile”

Of course I’m saying this to pressure myself so that I would keep myself motivated.

C’est parti (let’s get started) !!


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