Labor and Happiness

As is known globally, the characteristics of Japanese people are; working hard but enjoying the life less, considering a high rate of suicide.

There is a country, however, whose characteristics are similar on the former but totally different on the latter, that is, working hard and enjoying the life.

The country is…
Yes, Mexico!!

•According to the OECD report, people in Mexico work an average of 2250 hours (paid+ unpaid)per year, nearly 500 hours more than people of other OECD countries who work 1776 hours per year. Japan is the number 2 (if calculated only by paid hour, it is the top country)

•While in Mexico the organization calculated the average salary in nine thousand 885 U.S. dollars per year, what the average worker earns an OECD country reached 34 000 $ 466. (about 4 times less than the average)

•School isn’t a bright spot, either. When it comes to education, Mexico falls well below OECD nations in reading literacy, math, and science test scores. Few people earn a high school diploma compared to the rest of the OECD field: 36 percent versus the organization average of 74 percent

•Still, the Mexicans are among happiest citizens of the OECD. The 85 percent of respondents said that daily lives more positive experiences than negative. The OECD average in this category is 80 percent.
That is, among OECD countries, Mexican people tend to work more, earn less, have less education, but enjoy their lives more.
When I was working as a chief, my Mexican coworkers had worked more than 70 hours per week and always smiled to everyone, which moved all of us. They made me think about what the real happiness of the life. I have no answer to that yet.

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