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China 723,000
Korea 139,000
India 223,000
Japan 39,000

What do these numbers mean?
The answer is the number of students who studied abroad in 2011.

[Source: OECD]

According to the Educationtoday(OECD), typical international student will be from Asia – most likely China, India or Korea, the top three countries of origin for foreign students. They are overwhelmingly likely to be studying in an OECD country, and preferably an English-speaking one – with the United States the number one destination, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia.

It is a bit sad to see the decrease in the number of Japanese who study abroad.
Some factors are as follows:
-Price isn’t everything (but it helps–tuition is high but there is a scholarship)
-Language and laws are also key (Major language area and how integrative)
The article: “Students – the migrants everyone wants

Among many things I gained from my experience of study abroad (while I lost some important things), what I think was the most important was to learn about my own country, Japan. When you leave a country, you start thinking and learning about your own (since you are the representative of the country in other countries)


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