Library box on the corner

Do you constantly have books to read? I don’t, so that I have to keep checking on amazon or at the nearest library.
According to the article called “Limitless Literacy”, a former book store owner, having so many books left with him, decided to open library boxes throughout the community of Wilmington where people can pick up books and leave what they finished.

It functions all under the trust among people given that It’s free and you don’t need a library card to check out books.

[One of the free library station]
“The idea is to give people in our community access to books. Also, it’s a possible way to get to know neighbors and the neighborhood better. If you walk from one free library station to another, you will see the great neighborhood we live in and our potential to be better still” says the founder.
This box works out under three conditions: people’s interest in books (which I think is something universal), certain amount of books (from former book store) and people’s trust (organizer and users). There are 8 boxes in the community and he does not intend to have more so that he can maintain them in his community.
This action has a pontetial to strengthen the community through “books”. Communities grow at local levels.
I think this can have a great impact at many places like Chile, where people tend not to buy a book because of its costly tax.
It’s never be late to learn things.

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