Life-long education

Even after the end of school career, can we learn throughout the life?

Yesterday, I went to ski with my friends. Thinking that it would be a great experience to ski on the Andean cordillera, my excitement went even higher than the mountain.
Known that I used to teach skiing to kids, I was almost forced to teach one friend who was a beginner. Although I wanted to enjoy my ski, but I can’t say no if asked.
“falling and standing up and practicing pizza”- the basic lesson started. Having started skiing pretty well at first, “Bamb!” , as I expected.

What surprised me then was that he would not try to stand up, by saying “how come am I being in a shameful situation” He ended up staying there half a day.

I could not help but think that the pride of being adult prevented him from learning. Or it comes from diiferent culture.

Even after the end of school career, we can learn throughout the life. At least I would spend such a life.

The air on the Andean cordillera was different, which could be a matter of own thought.


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