Long journey to the goal

Do you have any goal?

I bet everyone has one, be it gaining skill, completing study or making it on your career. But many of us suffer for not achieving as easily as we think.

I assume it comes from our misunderstanding or underestimation of what is/will be going on in reality. Based on my experience on learning and some investigation, let’s analyze it a little bit.

First of all, everyone knows what will happen if you don’t do anything: NOTHING.

That’s why we start working on it.

Feel better after working it, right?

And what’s next?

Maybe you think the below might happen?

Or if you are optimistic enough, you might imagine something like this might happen?

Sorry my friend, in most cases, it will not happen.

What will happen is this. If you don’t use it, you lose it, since us human being forget.

That’s why you need to work more than one time. In many cases, however, you end up keeping the current level, which stresses you out.

To avoid this from happening, you have to know where the goal is.

And to reach that point , you need to make efforts, like a lot of efforts.

Well, in short, there is no such thing as easy path. If it’s easy to achieve, maybe it wasn’t good goal from the beginning.

Learning of this time:
Achieving something is a long journey with a lot of efforts, and if you don’t work out, you will lose it. That’s the reality. 


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