Mauritania 3ーIs it a private taxi or what

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It was tough. It was really tough.

As is same with everything, the first period is the most difficult time. Although I was aware, it was still tough.

Just to reiterate the background: I arrived Mauritania (the detail is here) →Right after that, Ramadan started when I had to go through a lot of administrative procedures (the detail is here) →There was no public transportation (bus, subway, official taxi, etc.)→ It is quite hot here (30-40℃) and difficult to walk →…

There was the only way, which was private taxi! I thought it would not be that difficult as I used to take private taxis frequently back in Mongolia….yes, I was wrong.

Usually the word “private” could sound fancier than “public” (hospital, school, residence, etc.), but it was not the case. And usually private taxi is there for you, which was not the case either.

So here is what private taxi works in Mauritania (based on my real experience).

From where I am (next to Mosque) I need to go to the ministry of transport (star).

I heard you just need to raise your hand and private taxi will stop for you.

Please take me to the ministry of transport!

What is this silence?


…Ok, I will try again.

It’s quite hot (30-40℃). let’s wait.


Please take me to the ministry of transport!

What is this silence?!!

Again !!??

It’s really hot…


Please take me to the ministry of transport! It’s next to previous national university

Please.. No more silence.

The door opened!!


I thought this small car is max for 4 people…

Mission completed!!

This journey (round trip) took 5 times…

The learning of this time 

I learned that although this experience of taking private taxi in Mauritania could strengthen myself as a person, I realized that I really need a car here. 

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2 thoughts on “Mauritania 3ーIs it a private taxi or what

  1. メグ

    大変ですね。タクシーを止めるまで何時間かかりましたか?そして、タクシー代はいくらでしたか?タクシーを止めにくくて、バスや電車がないと言うのは国民が自転車かバイクを使っているんですか?それともラクダか馬を使っているんですか? 車を買って、タクシーサービスのビジネスをする場合ガソリン代は高いですか? 

    1. MD Post author



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