Necessary spending?

When you buy a book out of your pocket or when someone gives it to you, which one do you tend to read?

In my case, definitely I would make an effort to read the former one.
I came across with an interesting article published by OECD on higher education tuition.

It answers to the following question “how can countries leverage tuition to open up educational opportunities to more students while not erecting barriers?”

The data shows that neither governments that regard tertiary education mainly as a private good, nor students who are calling for abandoning tuition fees, have got this right. Instead, those countries that share the costs of higher education between students and taxpayers in line with their respective benefits are most effective.

That is, when you have to pay, you tend to get more benefit from the education.
Cost-sharing allows systems to continue to expand with no apparent sacrifice of instructional quality, and makes institutions more responsive to student needs. Institutions also become less reliant on taxpayers’ money and are able, within certain limits, to raise their own funds. The savings from these kinds of arrangements can be used to broaden access to tertiary education by expanding student support systems.
Some would say that even the most sophisticated approach to financing tertiary education offers no guarantee of equitable outcomes, sometimes it is not that simple given that the socioeconomic background tends to affect even before entering higher education’s gate.

It is true, but important thing is that there is no one-size-fit-all approach given that some countries including Japan showed that it doesn’t take decades to make a big progress. We should keep our eyes open to other successful experience.
In conlusion, I would agree that If you want to learn in higher education, even though some adjustments might be needed depending on socio-economic situation, you need to pay some parts.

The link is here

When I buy a book rather than someone giving it to me, I would feel that ” I have to read.”


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