One common theme among 4 moviesーwhat you are supposed to be

The four movies I’ve watched recently moved me to tears. They are about (1) non-fighting bull in Spain, (2) Big black guy who found his home in another side of town (3) Taking bear in London and (4) Show of unique humans in New York. Although those are totally different movies, they have one common theme which teaches us a very important lesson: “What you are supposed to be is something you can change if you wish and go for it”.


This is a story of a bull who was born and raised in the fighting bull in Spain where there is tradition show of Matador and bull. But Ferdinand, the main bull, doesn’t want to be a fighting bull and he tries to explore different path. But……

The Blind side

This moveiw shows 2 sides of lives: white dominant elite life and black dominant project area’s life, which shows what you are (not) supposed to do depending on which side you belong to. The big black guy with complicated family background finds spotlight (American football) in another side, thanks to a fortunate opportunity, supporter and efforts.

Also, by coincidence, this guy has a personality of not suitable for hitting people, and called “Ferdinand boy”, the non-fighting bull introduced above!

Paddington 2

I liked the previous version too, but liked the new one better since it’s so touching. It’s about a

talking bear who was raised to be a gentle bear and arrived London to stay with one family.

This teaches us that being nice sometimes is sometimes viewed as negative or weak, but true generousity will bring people together.

The greatest showman

This is a musical movie about a guy who dreamed of attracting people through attracting show by gathering people with some kind of unique skills/appearances, to begin a circus. The songs are really good and touching as well.

People tend to discriminate different people who then are forced to hide uniqueness, but if you embrace different perspective and provide opportunity, it can shed light to give them digniti and attract others.

In the end, movies are not merely entertaining media but they can teach us very important lesson. Actually, the message becomes stronger if the way to deliver it is more impactful through media like movies.

Learning of this time

We often have a biased image of what we are supposed to be/do, but in the end what attracts people are uniqueness, creativity and passion, so as long as we have a wish and willpower, we can change that image to who we actually are. 



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