Persistence pays off

To make a change, she hasn’t changed for 31 years.

I came across an unbelievable story of woman whose name is Connie from Spain.
To make (really)long story short, Connie has been protesting in front of the white house in Washington D.C. since 31 years ago. Her argument is simple but somehow broad; ask politicians to change the status quo and make the better world, in terms of nuclear plants, education, war and other political issues.

What’s more surprising is that she was motivated by Japanese atomic bomb issue.
To be honest, I think that she, to some degree, needs to focus on specific theme given general and broad protest won’t get attention for a change.

But of course, she has been doing something I cannot do and I am just impressed by that.
The article is really long, but the more I read, the more I learned from her life experience.
She’s obviously different so that people tend to regard her as crazy person.

Persistence pays off (one day), and being different is crazy or just beyond our understanding/amazing.

When you have time, I recommend to read this. The link is here
To make a change, she hasn’t changed for 31 years.

I hope I can find something to believe in like her.


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