Power of life

Do you have a power of life?

Yesterday, I mentioned about Mr. Ototake, who was born without arms and legs but never felt that he was unfortunate person. I guess he has a strong “life power” by which I mean a power which allows you to live anywhere with dignity.

A couple weeks ago, another guy who also has a strong life power landed at the ground of Marshal Island after 13 months’ castaway.

The guy, originally from El Salvador who lived in Mexico for 15 years has survived for more than a year in the sea by eating meet and drink blood of bird and turtle

But there are some doubts on the credibility of the story, especially when the following photo was published: how he prevented from dehydration only with blood of animals; his face does not seem to be burned; 13 months of survival should have reduced more weight.(Even I wondered if a human can eat row turtle and bird.)

Jose Salvador Alvarenga from El Salvador

If true, the man’s ordeal would rank among the greatest tales ever of survival at sea. In particular, I was impressed at the fact that he had never given up on his life. I think that’ s the sauce of his “life power”

For me, it does not matter if it’s true of false, since this story motivated me to gain more life power. I used to consider myself as a traveler and I have traveled every year since I was 18. But compared to him, I just traveled on an already-prepared path and I did never created my own way.

Nothing is impossible, as long as you believe in it.

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