Potato = Batata ??

I found sweet potato in a Hispanis Deli where is 40 seconds walking distance from my house.

It says “Batata”
“Satsuma Imo? (Japanese) ??”
“Sweet Potato??”

I ended up bying it out of curiosity.

What am I going to do with this Batata??
Then I decided to make Gnocchi.

I heard whatever has Gurtain could be gnocchi.
I took much longer time to make it than in my work,

BUT it was so tasty!

[Gnocchi -cream sause with Bacon and DIll ]
Just stir bacon and mix with heavy cream and dill, added by Gnocchi.

Cf: There is a theory that says English word “Potato” was derived from “Patata” which is spanish accent of “Patata”


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