Protest and Classroom

“If you teachers don’t teach our kids, we parents will teach them at school !!”

In Michoacán, México, since a month ago, there have been an educational protest led by teachers. Their requests towards the teacher union include a reform regarding the hiring condition and evaluation and improvement of their working conditions (salary, resources, etc.)

The teachers have the right to protest.
However, while protesting, they are not in the classrooms.
And students? They have been in the classrooms without teachers, lessons and learning.
Having been frustrated with the situation, the parents have stood up to teach their children at school.

Also, there are some teachers who decided to stay at school against the request of the protest participation, for teaching their students.
I hope these actors (the union, teachers, students and parents) will obtain consensus for students’ learning.

It is not rare that teachers don’t show up in the classrooms in other countries.
As a person educated in Japan, country where this case can be rarely seen, I can’t imagine being in a classroom without a teacher.

The article (In Spanish) is here


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