Quick Guide to pass DALF C1

While suffering in an extremely cold weather in Mongolia (already minus 10℃ since October), there came very hot news to me: I passed another French test!

As I mentioned in the previous entry “Guide to pass DELF B1 and B2 at the same time“, this June I passed 2 French test “DELF” (both B1 and B2 level, third and fourth out of six level). 5 months later, there came another opportunity for even more challenging one: DALF level C1, fifth level. First I was going to skip this, given that B2 in June was quaite difficult and that, besides daily reading and listening routine, I had not had much time to work on French since then.

But as I reminded myself in the previous post “How to Keep Motivating Yourself“, I thought registering for more challenging level will push me to work harder, no matter how short time I had for preparation. So this time, my objective was working harder instead of passing the exam. And voila!, not only did I try to find time to study and learned some, I could also pass it. In this entry, I would like to write briefly about this.


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