Review 2019 to thrive in 2020

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Already year end? Time flies!

I am sure you have heard and/or said these recently. But the truth is, time does not fly. In fact, in this unequal society, time is one of the few things equally distributed to everyone, and is indeed limited. So we need to keep reminding ourselves of it.

For example, whether or not you use your 2 hours for watching netflix, learning language, exercising, attending meaningless meeting, socializing), it is the same 2 hours (outcome will differ though).

In that sense, year end is the great period to identify or revisit the fields you really care, review what you did to know where you are and what needs to be done. Let me cover these in this entry with my own examples, so that you can see if it’s relevant or adjust to yours.

Review 2019 and plan for 2020

If you are a kind of person who is interested in many things, I am with you. But again, time is limited and valuable source, so when it comes to what to do, we need to say “YES” to certain things and “NO” to the rest. To me, my identified fields are as follows:

  1. Wellbeing: 3EーExercise well, Eat well and Energize well (sleep, meditation, travel)
  2. Learning: Language, Reading, My future projects and others
  3. Creation: Blog, Cooking, and other creation

Once you set your goal areas, you can decide on actions/indicators which lead to your habit rather than specific thing (e.g. for wellbeing, exercise 6 days a week, instead of losing weight by 10kg). Once you do it, it is very important to monitor throughly. For my case, below is the summary table “review of my 2019 to thrive in 2020”.

2019 review to thrive in 2020
Habit Category Habit Area Outcome habit (well, so so, not well) Specific Action Comment for next year
1. Wellbeing (3E)     1.1. Eat well 1.1Eat well every day and 1 alchol free day / week Ate veg every day Review each ingredient and adjust (e.g. less beans) 
1.2. Exercise well 1.2Exercise well 6 days a week  On track but with same type  Bring more variety 
1.3. Energize well 1.3.1 Work-life balance (get off work by 6:30)  On truck with some inconsistency. Travelled well. Distinguish more
1.3.2 Meditate every day On truck but less time Focus more
1.3.3 EQ practice  Read some but need more practice  Do more 
1.3.4 Sleep 8h On truck with some inconsistency More consistency
1.3.5 Socialize every week (including family) Could be more focused  Analyze more
2. Learning  2.1. Language  2.1.1 Fre (6→8) parler plus courramenet et mieux écrire  On truck until August (moved to Kenya) Maintain the level
2.1.2 Ara (0→2) Read and pronounce and practice basic Lack of motivation and moving to Kenya Replace with Portuguese and Swahili
2.1.3 Esp (8→8.5) Variedad de expresión a travoés de blog   Blog check done Write more with more accuracy
2.1.4 Eng (8.5→9) Better writing for work report  Bit of improvement  Write/read with less mistakes
2.2 Read   2.2.1 One book/ month Off truck  Push yourself
2.2.2 articles / week On truck Maintain the rhythm
2.3, Life list  2.3 Career decision, improve  skills (ex. PMP, PTD, Japanese project), travel New job in Kenya. passed PMP, soft skill work, 11 country travel 2020 will be crucial
3. Creation 3.1. Blog 3.1 Blog 1 entry/week (quality content for audience) Off truck  Do more simply 
3.2. Cooking  3.2 Cook / week Resumed seriously after September Serious planing 
3.3. Creative activity  3.3 Explorer creative laerning with specific action trimestry (HHE, Japanese project) More input (GIS) but less output Investigate more 

In 2019, I travelled to 11 countries (Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, France, Mauritania, Portugal, Italia, Malta, Spain and Uganda). Touching the land of 10 countries per year has been good indicators of learning for the last 10 years, as knowing new countries allows me to have beginner’s mindset, learn new things and  resume my work with fresh mind.

The learning of this time 

To make the most use of limited time, it is essential to identify your priority areas, habits and indicators and review the results to thrive in the next year. 

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