Review of 2022 to thrive in 2023

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“A year without learning is a wasted year” 

This is the default phrase I think of when I am about to finish a year.

How was 2022?

In general, reviewing  (not clinging in) the past is one of the good ways to know where you are in relation to your objective (s). In this post, I will capture my examples. Probably it might provide  some insight into how to reflect your own 2022.

Depending on what you aim for, you can specify what you review. To me, this year’s review points: (1) Daily routine, (2) Major events and (3) Creation and Learning.

Daily routine

Rome was not build in one day. So reviewing daily routine is to monitor my habit skill (yes, habit is skill to build on). I believe if you conquer your routine, you conquer the day and life.

I have been meditating for more than 10 years and I learned how to be aware of what’s going on, especially when I feel upset and grateful. Although it became part of my routine, the focus level might be decreased this year (just 2-3 min), so I need to work on it.

First daily learning activity is Duolingo (language app) I have been doing more than 3 years every day (1146 days so far). Although this app is not useful for intermediate/advanced level learning, it is great way to build and maintain habit skill.

It’s been over 3 years since I started journal/diary and it is a good way to promote habit and mindful skills. Every morning, I write what I did yesterday, how I slept and feel now and will do, as well as creating stories to work out on creativity.

Since 2016, I have been exercising every morning, varying from video exercise, running, swimming, dancing, etc., depending on where I am. Luckily I have access to swimming pool now, which is my main exercise venue.

●Cutting Dinner 
Since this July, I started to cut dinner (except social occasion), and it has been quite positive (losing weight, saving money, gaining more time, appreciating food, feeling good, etc.).

Since 2020, I stopped drinking alcohol (except social and special occasion). Luckily I have access to non-alcohol beer.

To keep my morning routine starting at 6am and sleep for 7-8 hours, I tried to go to bed  around 10-11pm. Although it went pretty well this year. One thing I have to fix is not to fall asleep on the sofa, which affect quality of sleep.

Major events

This is to capture some snap shots and turning point of the year for my memory.

2022 had less COVID-19 restriction, and I have travelled from Denmark to Iceland, Mauritania (my old home), Finland and Sweden. Then I left Denmark, travelled to Japan, US, Chile and moved to Mozambique (new home) and made a year-end travel to South Africa.

●New Job
I started a new daytime job as an advisor to the ministry. It is a strategic move for the next chapter and I consulted many people to get myself familiarized.

●Adjustment with family
My child who entered the world last year started to walk (great reminder of learning without being taught). It is still new to adjust the life with the family need in terms of housing, noise, growth, sickness, daily routine and well-being (and running a marathon with a baby on stroller, as mentioned below!)

●Preparation for the next project
As a preparation  for the future project to establish a holistic learning centre, I resumed social network (twitter, facebook, etc.), meeting with new people, biweekly meeting and some pilot activities in Denmark and Mozambique)

●Writing projects
I have publish my first non-fiction book (which will have second impression!) and several magazine articles. For drawing book, in addition, I submitted one of my drawing books for a contest and also started supervising a new drawing book series.

●Teaching and learning: This year I started teaching at Tsukuba university (grad school course) on SDGs, education and lifeskill. I have provided some lectures on lifeskill and well-being. In terms of language learning, I have prepared for Portuguese language exam to push myself.

Creation and Learning 

This is to monitor the creative process and learning.

This blog’s theme is creativity, curiosity and learning, and I write the contents and draw the cover image and translate into 5 languages. It means the whole process is creation and learning, so reviewing my blog posts is a good way monitor this year. Below are this year’s blog posts / cover images.

Happy New Year 2022 for 動

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Highlights and Learning from short trip in Iceland

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Introduction and strong intention of my first published book “How to meet who you want to be”

Ferry trip between Finland and Sweden and cost saving tips

Achieving a Ten-Year-long Dream and Language Learning at Lençóis in Brazil

3 examples of making the impossible possible in Mozambique

The learning of this time 

Reviewing 2022, I worked on habit skill via daily routine, captured major events and monitored creative and learning process to thrive and improve in 2023.

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