Review of 2023 to thrive in 2024

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“A year without learning is a wasted year” 

This is the default phrase I think of when I am about to finish a year.

How was 2023?

In general, reviewing the past is one of the best ways to know where you are in relation to your objective (s). In this post, I will capture my examples based on the (1) Daily routine, (2) Major events and (3) Creation and Learning, hoping it might provide some insight into how to reflect your own 2023.

Daily routine

Rome was not build in one day. So reviewing daily routine is to monitor my habit skill (yes, habit is skill to build on). I believe if you conquer your routine, you conquer the day and life.

<Morning Routine>

I have been meditating for more than 12 years as the first thing to do after waking up.
From this experience, I learned how to be aware of what’s going on, especially when I feel upset and grateful. Also, I learned the importance o continue this as ongoing process.

First daily learning activity is Duolingo (language app) I have been doing more than 4 years every day (1539 days so far). Although this app is not useful for intermediate/advanced level learning, it is great way to build and maintain habit skill.

It’s been over 4 years since I started journal/diary and it is a good way to promote habit and mindful skills. Every morning, I write what I did yesterday, how I slept and feel now and will do, as well as creating stories to work out on creativity. The main difference from last years is that I started writing on the physical note, which seems to be a positive experience.

● Writing
Although I didn’t updated blog as often as I used to, I decided to write every day on anything I want to write (diversity, human stories, learning, child care, etc.)

Since 2016, I have been exercising every morning, varying from video exercise, running, swimming, dancing, etc., depending on where I am. Luckily I have access to swimming pool now, which is my main exercise venue.

<Night routine>

●Walk with my kid
I decided to take a walk with my daughter who learned how to walk and run last year. We tend to go to a gym, nearby Thai restaurant or just walk around. This might be one of my favorite time of my day.

●Cutting Dinner 
Since July 2022, I started to cut dinner (except social occasion), and it has been quite positive (losing weight, saving money, gaining more time, appreciating food, feeling good, etc.).

To keep my morning routine starting at 6am and sleep for 7-8 hours, I tried to go to bed  around 10-11pm. Although it went pretty well this year. One thing I have to fix is not to fall asleep on the sofa, which affect quality of sleep.

Major events

This is to capture some snap shots and turning point of the year for my memory.

2023 had less international travel than previous years. Nevertheless, I travelled to Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Mozambique, Mauritius, and Japan again. In Japan, I travelled a lot to explore potential sites for a new project.

●Side Job
I started some side job as an international consultant, writer and speaker. It is a strategic move for the next chapter. I also continued my teaching at Tsukuba university (grad school course) on SDGs, education and lifeskill.

●Preparation for the next project
As a preparation  for the future project to establish a global learning centre, we had countless family meetings. As a pilot activity, I had a chance to conduct a joint event “Feel the world through 5 senses” in Japan.

●Life skill projects
As a part of support to the ministry of education in Mozambique, I have launched a new life skill project to promote understanding and capacity of life skills in pilot schools in Mozambique. It mainly focuses on the following 10 competencies: (1) Communication, (2) Problem solving, (3.) Personal development and curiosity, (4) Persistence / grit, (5) Self-awareness, (6) Self-management, (7) Self-esteem, (8) Creativity, (9) Interpersonal relationship, (10) Wellbeing.

●Writing projects
Following my first published book last year, I have supervised 3 volumes of picture book “The World Greeting” Having learnt the importance of sharing concrete contents, I decided to write more books, regardless of book offer from publishers. I have written some magazine articles and started working on more book contents.

●Teaching and learning: I have conducted more than 20 trainings this year on different areas, such as life skill, wellbeing, etc. Also, I have started learning Korean language in 2024 (it hit my thresholds of 3 times rules). Being able to read 한글 is such a new world (although I still don’t know many words, now I can read them!)

Creation and Learning 

This is to monitor the creative process and learning.

This blog’s theme is creativity, curiosity and learning, and I write the contents and draw the cover image and translate into 5 languages. It means the whole process is creation and learning, so reviewing my blog posts is a good way monitor this year. Below are this year’s blog posts / cover images.

New Year 2023 for new start and Hidden words of 2022

Story and tips for passing Portuguese Exam CAPLE C1 level

Learning from Cashew Nut in Mozambique

Learning by Teaching an Intensive Graduate School Course on SDGs

Feel the connection and diversity of the world through cassava

New publication of Picture Book Series “Greeting of the World” and its Insight

Learning on Diversity from Rainbow Country Mauritius

The learning of this time 

Reviewing 2023, I worked on habit skill via daily routine, captured major events and monitored creative and learning process to thrive and improve in 2024.

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