Revolution of Study Abroad

I wish I knew more English. I thought so more than 8 million times when I was studying in the U.S.

I wish college tuition was way cheaper that it is. I thought so more than 8 million times when I was studying in the U.S. I know that I was not alone.

Although it is contradicting the message of the videos I posted yesterday, I cannot help admitting high quality of US college education, at least two institutions I attended.
But again, I always had struggle with language and financial issues.
But to my surprise, I found one article introducing a great news to solve those two problems.

According to this “Online Education: No Longer Lost In Translation”(Forbes), you can study one of the top schools courses, cheaper, remotely and in your language.
“Coursera”, one of the most popular providers for MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) has recently partnered with eight countries to translate its lectures for students around the world. The company will translate selected courses into many popular languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Kazakh, and Arabic. Each Coursera Global Translation Partner will begin by translating 3-5 select courses, with the majority of translated courses being available by September 2013.

If this works out, more languages can be translated and more students in the world can have quality education.
I don’t think it’s fair just because you were born in a English spoken country, you can have more option in Education and jobs. (Japan is also fortunate in that sense)
This might change a concept of study abroad.
As I said yesterday, online education might be way more adequate and relevant to the current situation and needs.
「What is MOOC?」

The article “Online Education: No Longer Lost In Translation” is here


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