Say Cheese, ah?

Nobody can live alone.

We live in a society everybody helps each other in some ways.
I believe that Inclusive Education is one of the best ways to raise the awarness that everybody is different and needs adequate help.
To change our perception of “traditional” school, the following photo might be a good source.

A mother of the separated kid was outraged after seeing how separate her 7-year-old son Miles Ambridge was in the annual class photo.
Since the picture went viral, the photography company agreed the separation of Miles from his class was a mistake and has offered to retake the photo.
The article: “Why Mixing Students With and Without Special Needs Is a Good Idea” (Source of the photo)

This article adresses the story on this photo as well as benefits of Inclusive Education.
The data show that when students with disabilities spend more time in a general education classrooms, they have better results in terms of attendance, behavior and performance in reading and math tests, which benefits the entire student body and school administration.
Students who may not be classified as special ed, but have difficulty learning or struggle academically, also make big gains. That’s because inclusion classrooms are smaller and they’re often lead by two teachers, or a teacher with additional support staff, in order to provide everyone with personalized attention.
That is, students with and without disability will benefit in many ways from inclusive education.

I hope there will appear many sources to have an impact on inclusive education.


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