Small dream came trueーTravelling to Senegal

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Small dream came true!

As I wrote in my previous entry (Mauritania 1ーLife turning point) coming to Africa was my small dream, and I heard about Senegal being famous for my favorite culture: music, dance, food, fashion, history, etc.

Although it was there for job purpose, I travelled one day before to get to know a bit of  Dakar, the capital of Senegal. I would say I could achieve most of what tourists would do in this city, about which I would like to share in this entry.

Summary of activities  

⓪ Airport (pretty far from the city but buses run every 30 min to the center, and you can take a taxi to go to anywhere)

①Gorée island also known as slave island (transport via ferry is available every hour or so)

②Pink Lake or Lac Rose (don’t expect too much from shocking pink of google image!)

③Food and stores unique to Senegal

④ Japanese guest house, monument and interesting mosque

⑤ Music, dance and art

The major transportation was taxi, which was quite cheep (2,000 CFA or 3.5 USD for 10 km taxi ride, but don’t forget to negotiate)

Looking back, in one part, I could enjoy seeing / doing many things within limited time.

On the other hand, however, I realized it is necessary to spend more time to get to know more interesting partsーculutre (music, dance, history, etc.). That was one lesson.

On the last day, I passed by the U.S. embassy where I took a photo of beautiful flowers outside. This caused a problem, as taking embassy’s photois strictly prohibited (I just took outside flower’s photo without building, and the sign of prohibition was hung far away with very small image). The guard shouted and took my camera, requested my passport, made me fill out incident report, etc. I even thought I would have to go to the prison or something given the seriousness of the guard who stoped me…That was another lesson in Senegal.

Highlighted photos 

Gorée island a.k.a Slave island

Sand art of ancient slaves

Pink Lake or Lac Rose (the density of salty is so high that you can flow)
(Too?) friendly lady who asked me to take photo

North Korean monument (I have no idea why they made this in Dakar)

Interesting shaped mosque

Music (vocal / dram is blind person)

The learning of this time 

I learned that although it is possible to visit touristic places within limited time, it is necesary to take more time to get to know more profound part (culture)

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