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Achieving a Ten-Year-long Dream and Language Learning at Lençóis in Brazil

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-One day, I will definitely go to this place-

More than 10 years ago, I saw a picture of Lençóis in Brazil, and I promised myself to see it in my eyes one day. It has been “one day” for long time as it was not easy to make it happen due to its limited season (June-Aug) and access (far from all the places I was based in).

This year, I had a chance to visit Chile in June, and despite remaining COVID-19 restriction, I decided to travel there. It was also for brushing up my language skill before landing at a new duty station (Mozambique, Portuguese speaking country just like Brazil). In this post, I would like to share my experience from traveler and language learner’s point of view.

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3 Reasons to travel by yourself

It feels good to be back.

Every time I get back from travelling, I have a sense that time had passed more than it did. It’s been more than 10 years since I started travelling by myself. When I went outside of Japan for the first time, I met a old woman in Northern Thailand who said something which really got me thinking:

If I am comfortable with my life, why do I want to travel (leave the place)?

Given that human beings have instincts to make a life easier and safer, what she said totally makes sense. But at least from my experience, there are 3 main reasons to get out of your comfort zone to travel alone over with someone else: learning life skills, having a flexibility and meeting new people.

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Affirmative Action for diversity

Brazil vs Germany: 1- 7

I have never seen a soccer player who showed sad face right after making a goal (Osacar, Brazilian player who made just one goal after 7 consecutive goals of Germany). Many people think this result attributes to the absent of Neymar, a Brazilian top player who happened to be injured non-purposely by a Colombian player Zúñiga, who happened to be black.

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