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Introduction and strong intention of my first published book “How to meet who you want to be”

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My first book will be published on August 9th!

The title is …(quite long…inhaling….)

“How to meet who you want to be ー Messages from someone who jumped into the world ー ”
(Iwanami Books).

Since this is my first published book, let me briefly explain what this is about and my strong intention around the cover page (in Japanese version, I included some hidden stories).

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Arigato Natto 3ーFive steps to scale up small initiative in Europe

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Since I moved to Denmark (last November), this is the first entry to write something related to the experience here.

I could have written about Nordic culture, Danish winter, mindset, new year fireworks, its social welfare system, etc. But instead of those, the topic I decided to write about is this.

Natto making in Denmark as a scale-up.

Yes, it is about natto making which I started in Africa. But it is also about showing how to scale up something. So hopefully this will serve for natto lovers as well as anyone who wants to scale up what you do, be it a start-up, project, hobby or your learning cycle.

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Happy New Year 2022 for 動

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Happy New Year 2022 from Denmark, and hope you are safe, well and smiling.

Reflect 2021 to thrive in 2022


“A year without learning is a wasted year” 

My coaching fellow once told me, and I really liked the phrase.

How was your 2021?

December and January have pretty much the same, but year-end is a great moment to reflect who you are and what you learned to thrive in the next year. In this post, I will capture my examples, hoping you might get something out of it and reflect your own year.

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