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Mongolia 2ーArrival

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Update: This post is the last and 5th part of Mongolian series. Please check part 1, part 3, part 4, and part 5

After deciding to leave Chile, it’s time to go to Mongolia!

First of all, I was going to go directly from Chile to Mongolia, but given that the destination is the other side of the planet, I made a decision to go to Japan first to prepare my self. Even Chingis Khaan managed to expand his empire with a lot of preparation (I think).

Before leaving Chile, I tried to meet as many close people as possible to eat out. At that time, I didn’t know that Chilean ingredients such as avocado (“Palta” in Chile), seafood and wine were that valuable, as I took them for granted. Especially since I was born and raised in Japan, I was used to seafood (for the next 3 years I really appreciated every opportunity to have sea food as Mongolia is landlocked country).

After all, we can appreciate the value of something when we lose it, be it health, salmon or Palta.

So I will briefly write about the path to arrive Mongolia.

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Double Earthquake

For the last 3 days, I had this feeling: Given that it happened at this time in Chile, where I used to live, I cannot help but write about the following two different earthquakes.

1. Chilean 8.3-magnitude earthquake (on Sep 17)
2. Chilean drink called “earthquake” (“Terremoto”) which people drink mostly in the national holidays (around Sep 18).
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Finding by Watching Copa America Online

Things are constantly changing: nature, trend, technology, your thought and body function (even at the cell level). Despite this, it is pretty rare that you realize that something has changed definitely, isn’t it? When do you feel it?

In my case, I realize change when I figure that I no longer can do something I could, rather than the other way around (because when you learn something, it is hard to see the difference). In other words, changes are noticeable when you lose something instead of gaining.

Since I moved to Mongolia, there were many changes, but today, I realized that I am indeed in Mongolia because I no longer have access to most of live stream channels (watching love TV online) due to where I am!!
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If you head north, you will hit the dry land and the desert. When you turn around and go all the way to the south, you will see glaciers. On the east side, you can always see Andean cordillera (unless theere is a smog especially in capital). Oh don’t forget that if you drive a few hours to the west, you will encounter Pacific Ocean and you can fly to some islands.

Everything mentioned here is what you can see in a single country, Chile, so that which direction you go really matters.

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It is time

2 hour’s difference could have changed so many things.

On April 22 (Wed) around 18:00, the eruptions blasted forth from Chile’s Calbuco volcano (Southern part of Chile – around Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas). This happened for the first time in more than 42 years, as if saying that it is time to wake up. And the scale of this disaster is one of the biggest ones in the last couple of years, which complicated the situation of Southern Chile. Also, ashes are reaching out to its neighbor countries such as Argentine, Uruguay and Brasil. As soon as it happened on Wednesday, the nearest airport of Puerto Montt was closed.

Actually, I was near the place right before it happened, and I flew back to Santiago from the airport of Puerto Montt 2 hours before the chaos made cancel all the flight.

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The Robinson Crusoe Island 2

Surviving day by day for more than 4 years on a desert island, eating turtles, teaching parrots to speak, taming wild animals, helping a prisoner to train as a slave. Those are some of the highlights from the novel “Robinson Crusoe” (Daniel Defoe, 1719).

I guess If those who have read this novel have a chance to visit the Robinson Crusoe Island, many of them would get excited to be in the novel world, just like I did.

According to the people of the island, however, there is a common misunderstanding in this regard, and furthermore, there was a Japanese explorer who got involved with this island, upon which I will touch in this second entry of the Robinson Crusoe Island’s series.

  1. General information and how to get there
  2. Relationship between the Robinson Crusoe Island and the novel Robinson Crusoe
  3. The real situation I saw on the Island

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