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Review of 2023 to thrive in 2024

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“A year without learning is a wasted year” 

This is the default phrase I think of when I am about to finish a year.

How was 2023?

In general, reviewing the past is one of the best ways to know where you are in relation to your objective (s). In this post, I will capture my examples based on the (1) Daily routine, (2) Major events and (3) Creation and Learning, hoping it might provide some insight into how to reflect your own 2023.

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More Habits than Goal to achieve New Year Resolution

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You have done your best in 2018. You want to change and/or improve something in 2019. So it’s pretty normal to go ahead with new year resolution.

Losing weight, learning language, passing the exam, getting/changing job, You name it.

However, let me remind this unfortunate fact (I am taping the wood now)…out of 100 people who make resolution, 92 of them abandon their resolution. That leaves only 8% of successful people. If it’s true, something must be wrong with resolution making. So through the main point of this pointーmore habits than goalーI hope to contribute to improve this statistic in a long run.

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