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5 simple ways you can apply right away to find happiness

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Another week comes in. You work hard, study hard, take care of your families, and try to find time for hobby or personal project if you can.

In the midst of busy life, it is important to stop rushing and ask one question.

Am I happy?

Sometimes we try even harder to be happy, because we think happiness comes from success, and success comes from hard work. This entry aims to let us all reflect that point, and take a stab at some of the actions you can take immediately…for what? To find happiness.

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What Cuba taught me

Please take a few seconds (minutes or even hours) to think about the following question:

What is happiness for you?

Well, honestly I don’t have an answer to that, and I’m sure everybody has different views toward that big question. To me, however, at least I came to understand what is NOT a key factor of happiness: money is not what defines a happy life. I strongly realized this when I was in a particular country in 2011. That country is…Salsa, Jazz, Foods, Cars…….yes, CUBA!


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