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3 examples of making the impossible possible in Mozambique

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This would be maybe impossible…

Judging from my previous experiences and my personality, I think there are quite a few things that I unconsciously think are impossible. Three months have already passed since I came to Mozambique in Southern Africa, and I have learned a lot. In this entry, I will share 3 examples of making the impossible possible in Mozambique.

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3rd Steppe marathon in Mongolia

One of the unique things in Mongolia is the Steppe Marathon.

This month, I participated this marathons for the third time, and what makes it special are awards (horse and sheep), fresh air, eternal blue sky and green land.

Previously, I wrote about marathon several time since it teaches us various lessons.

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How to enjoy half marathon

In my previous post (The difference between Chinese and Japanese), I wrote about how much people in Latin America tend to generalize Asian people as Chinese, which I am not in favor of.
However, there is a moment I don’t get upset when being called “Chinese (Chino)!!”.
Actually, this particular setting even makes me happy rather than being annoyed.

Yes, this is when somebody cheers me up at the occasion of running race be it calling me Chinese or whatever.
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