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One common theme among 4 moviesーwhat you are supposed to be

The four movies I’ve watched recently moved me to tears. They are about (1) non-fighting bull in Spain, (2) Big black guy who found his home in another side of town (3) Taking bear in London and (4) Show of unique humans in New York. Although those are totally different movies, they have one common theme which teaches us a very important lesson: “What you are supposed to be is something you can change if you wish and go for it”.

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Mongolian Movie Theater

One thing I was not expecting to do in Mongolia was to go to a movie theater that frequently. For the last three months in my stay, I have been there 8 times so far, which means every 2 week! This must be the most frequent pace in my movie life. So today, let me share my experience on Mongolian movie theater.
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A sport unites a nation

Can you imagine that a sport can unite a nation?

The other day, I wrote about some quotes of Nelson Mandela, ex-South African president who passed away recently. To be honest, however, I had little knowledge about him so I started to search materials on him. Voilà! I found a movie called “Invictus”.

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Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, there were a elder man and woman living in a small village….

I think there are common components to make fiary tales be loved by everyone.

[Things in Common in fairy tales] 1. Ordinary life(we can all share )
2. Conflicts (we can share in one or or another)
3. Adventure(we somehowl dream about)
4. Achieving a goal( it excites us)
5. Coming back to the ordinary life (we share again)

Today, I saw a movie called “Jack the Jiant Slayer-3D (2013)”, based on the fairy tale we read in our childhood. Although I am not a big fun of 3D given wearing the glasses for 2 hours make me tired, I really enjoyed this movie.

Nowadays, there are lots of movies based on fairy tales; Puss in boots, Snow queen, Alice in wonderland, Sleeping beauty, Shrek, and so on.
We all know what’s going to happen. But we still love these stories.
To be honest, I want to see Japanese one as well.

So my suggestion to Japanese film makers is to make modern version of Japanese fairy tales’ movies. It can show the world that Japan has many wonderful fairy tales.
I wonder how it looks like if Momotaro, Kintaro or Urashimataro come out with 3D.
(It might lose its authenticity, but I would love to see it. )
Trailer: “Jack the Giant Slayer”

I wish I could my childish heart no matter how old I will be.

Cultural Exchange


What is cultural exchange?

-Studying International culture at highschool,
-Starting Travelling to abroad,
-Living in the U.S.,
-Graduated from International Education program,
After all of these, I couldn’t fully understand what it was. I don’t even know many things about my own country’s culture. I might have been intoxicated with the word “Cultural Exchange.”
[Photo: From cultural exchange festival at community college]
Having watched “Hedgehog” (2009), a French movie, I could grasp a piece of the meaning of it. (It is not played in Japan yet)

[Main characters] It takes place in luxuarious apartment in Paris. The main characters are as follows,
1.A female super who has been too focused on reading to go out for 27 years
2.A girl who plans to commit suicide on the eve of her 12th birthday
3.A japanese guy who moved in the apartment and speaks French fluently
4.A goldfish living in the bottle

Becoming interested in other culture, trying to accepting it, and sharing your own culture.
I guess that’s the piece of cultural exchange.
Trailer: “Hedgehog”

I was so motivated to watch a Japanese actor who speaks fluent French.

The line which inspired me: “All happy family are alike, but every unhappy family is in its own way.

It’s not that easy to exchange cultures.