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12 Mistakes / Lessons Learnt as a Beginner House Gardener

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Ok, I will plant something! ……But how can I do it?

This is exactly the situation I had last year. I just read some books on house gardening and  assumed I got the basic logic, then took some actions. But as is always the case, knowing theories is one thing and actually doing something well is different.

In this post, I will share 12 mistakes (learning) I had from home gardening, hoping they will serve for beginner planters and some lessons might be applicable to other areas.

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10 Reasons to start planting foods at home


Among so many things in our planet, there is one big group which maintains life of all living things.

What is it?

Plants. Maybe if we remove Ego from PLANET, it becomes PLANT. WIthout them, our complex eco-system will be destroyed.

We sort of know that it is true, but in a modern convenient society where more and more people live in cities and can do so many things with one click, we tend to detach ourselves from plants.

I was no exception, but I had a chance to start planting food at home (vegetables and herbs) which definitely made my life better, so I would like to share 10 reasons to do so, hoping that some of which (even one, if not all) might apply to you to be a little bit happier.

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