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The name matters

If you believe in something and if you really do, what it’s called matters. In other words, if the name of it is wrongly used, you can’t overlook it either.

As I said on my last blog entry (Shift from “what to memorize” to “how to memorize”), the power of linking image with helps us to remember things. That’s also why I understand that many Muslims don’t want the rest of the world to see “Isalamic State” as Islam.
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2 different use of national flag

In September you can see a lot of national flags on the streets, since Sept 18 is national patriot day and people prepare for the celebration.

But there is other big event, where people use the flag to manifest a forgettable event, o rather an event for not forgetting as if to say “Do you remember that day?”
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School Director or Accountant

School Director―I guess those who had any kind of education have seen this person.
But for someone like me who didn’t have much relationship with them, it might be hard to understand what they are doing except giving a long speech at any circumstances or saying good morning in front of the school entrance.

Given that there is another movement of their role in Chile in parallel to the educational reform I mentioned on the previous entry, I would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about them.
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Education reform in Chile

When it comes to thinking “how to raise you kids” about which I talked on the previous entry, it is also important to take into consideration “which school children go”. When I was taking 9-year long Japanese compulsory education in public school, I never thought about the education policy, let alone the modification of it. In fact, every now and then it had changed during I was there and I just had to adapt myself to the change and I never questioned on it.

In Chile, however, where students protest happen much more frequently than Japan, it is not the case. Recently, students, teachers, and other stakeholders on education are reacting to the Education reform the new government is trying to pass. And it is becoming so controversial.
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The Adventures of Evito in Bolivia

While everyone talks about the crying of Japanese politician, there is other type of political strategy on the other side of the earth, Bolivia.

About three months to the presidential elections in Bolivia, the current president Evo Morales did something interesting to prepare (?) the victory of his third term in power: giving a book about his infancy to school kids on the Day of Children – April 12 (According to the Chilean Newspaper “El Mercurio”)

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Aprilーsymbol of change

April is symbol of change in Japan:
beginning of a new school year, entry of new workers, the breathe of spring and the bloom of cherry blossom (one of the things I really miss about Japan).

While welcoming a fall season on the other side of the earth, Chile is also about to face some changes at a political level because of a new government.

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