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Last day of UN intern

[Photo of the memory of the UNESCO 2012]

Yesterday I finished my intern at UNESCO. Fortunately, I could work with great people there.

Beside being professional and responsible in work, they always talk and entertain each other. Although I was an intern, they treated me the same as others as friend or brother.

Probably in December, many people would have leave the office for lack of the resources.

For my leaving, they gave me a gift book of “Chilenismo” with their messages.
I hope I would have other opportunity to meet them again in the near future.


2 more days to leave Chile for NY. (for this time)


UN intern (3)

I will get into a little bit of detail of my work at UNESCO.

I have two themes and both are really intangible: Inclusive Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

I will mention about the former one today. Yes, I’m working on statistics on students with disability, because now that the access to the education has shown improvement, UNESCO is focusing on more excluded and forgotten population.

Since I was told to work on statistics, I was preparing for SPSS, the statistics software which is regarded as fancier than Excel. However, it turned that I needed only to use Excel, not SPSS. All I’m doing is calculating the formula according to the indicators, and collecting data.
Although math is generally Japanese advantage, I’m getting tired of numbers…But, managing data will be an asset for my future career!


UN intern (2)

(photo:Giant turtle in Galapagos)

I mentioned (really) briefly about how I got accepted.

Since then, the process was really slow, as many UN workers’ blogs had said so.
(1) I applied online
(2) I got accepted
(3) submitting health certificate
(4) I received TOR(job description)
(5) Sign

What surprised me was that the process from (3) to (4) took 4 months. That is, I had been waiting for 4 months without knowing what I would do in my internship.

Patience….that’s what is needed for international organization.

The photo I put above is giant turtle in Galapagos island, Ecuador. To my surprise, he has lived more than 150 years.

Those with patience will stay strong…?


UN intern (1)

(photo: Chilean beach)

This is the first time to talk about work, or something related to the work.

Doing internship at UNESCO Santiago for a month, I’m getting to know not only about this organization but also about the UN system as a whole. It is really important to know how things work out at a large scale.

Before getting into the detail, I will mention about the process how I got accepted as an intern, since many people including me wanted to know about it.

To make long story short, I had a help of someone who has been in the field of educational development to get an access to it. Then I applied to that online, then got accepted. Done!

Actually, it wasn’t easy physically and mentally. But it’s all worked out.


International environmental day

Wine! Seafood! party! and hangover!!!

It’s been 3 weeks since I got Santiago Chile. I’m doing internship in UNESCO-Chile office.
I haven’t updated my blog. For what am I writing this? There is no answer to that question yet.

Speaking of an answer, I’m going to do “quiz with colors”

Q: What is that?
A. quiz about color
B. quiz which has three colored answers
C. quiz to look for hidden color

Yes, this is for tomorrow, July 5th-“international environmental day”, which I wouldn’t have known had I not got involved with this internship, let alone thinking about environment seriously.

The quiz is for 800 girls, and this activity is supposed to be creative, which I believe is.
Let’s see if I can contribute myself to saving environment.

The detail will be discovered in the next blog.