Taking TOEFL after getting my Masters

Although I finished my Masters, I will take English test called TOEFL.

It is basically for non-native in English to enter college where English is the main language. Nowadays, however, it can be used for government jobs as a proof of English skills.
The score is valid for 2 years. It cost $180

Looking at vocalubaries of TOEFL texts, I have never come accross most of them in my grad school days. They don’t even appear on NY times which I have subscribed for 3 years.

I could not help but think “What are exams for”.

Main purpose of exam should play rolls of a gate for the path ahead of examinees or something that lights up the paths that they had made.
In that sense, Japanse college entrance exam doesn’t make any sense given that it plays a roll as if it were an exit instead of an entry.

My goal of TOEFL is more than 90%


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