The connection between the Haiyan and Japan

According to the article “Japan under fire for scaling back plans to cut greenhouse gases” , it is said that the typhoon Haiyan is just the latest in a series of climate-related extreme weather catastrophes.

And what is worse, the UN climate tals in Warsaw, Poland, were faced with a new crisis on Friday, after Japan, the world’s fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter, slashed its plans to reduce emissions from 25% to just 3.8% on 2005 figures toward its 2020 emissions target.

Although this problematic decision is understandable given that Japan faced following the  2011 earthquake and tsunami, which had forced the country to close 50 nuclear power plants, the criticism to the decision is increasing.

As compensation, Japan said that its public and private sectors intended to raise $16bn (£9.9bn) by 2015 to help developing countries reduce their emissions.

It seems to me that Japan is saying “I can’t make a commitment, but you guys do it”, just like countries holding nuclear weapon are prohibiting others from owing.

Where is Japan heading?


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