The eldest first grader in the world

Year 2013 will be turning point of my life.

Finishing my Masters, I am planning to leave the U.S. after 5 years and a half stay.
As a first first stab, although I have been written capricious things so sporadically, I will try to write about Educational Development. Of course, I will learn on this field while writing.

Although it is hard to define briefly what Educational Develoment is, since it has many themes, I found a good movie representing one of them.

Movie: “The First Grader” (2011)

The movie took place in Kennya where British army made their tribes fight each other decades ago.

This true-stroy-based movie connects with “Kennyan Education For All” when 84-year- old man coming to learn how to read and write.
The great phrase during the movie:

“Learning never ends until the you have got soil in your ears”

Actually, the main character Mr. Margue came to United Nations in NY to make a speech on how education is important.
I will break a leg on keeping this blog!


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