The Power of Words


Have you felt the power of words recently?

It’s hard to be aware of, but it’s always there with you and around you.

Today’s theme is racism in the U.S. especially the black-white dispute.
There are two based-on-truth movies I really recommend on this issue, and both of them address the power of words.
1. “The Great Debaters” (2007) shows the power of oral words.
2. “The Help” (2011) uses the power of written words

“The Great Debaters” is a story of black debate team of a college in Texas, who fought white American team, and finally was invited to fight Harvard University’s national champions.
My favorite lines are as follows:

“The debate is a combat. But the weppons are words!!.
“The time for Justice the time is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, right NOW!!”

Trailer「the Great Debaters」:

“The help”, is a secret writing story in south of the U.S., Mississippi in 1960s.
One white female writer, who was raised by a maid, tried to interview “the helps”, Afro American maids, to let people know what is like to be a maid of white people. And this was accomplished by courageous women. As you will see in the tlaier, this movie is filled not only with serious historical moments but also with humor and hope.
One of the most striking line in this movie (uttered by one maid) was:

“When they are kids, they are so lovely, but when they grow up, they will become exactly like their parents”

Trailer “the Help”:

Have you felt the the power of words recently?

Looking around on a NY train, I as an Asian male, can see black, white, Latinos and Asian; and, nobody seems to care who they are, thanks for people who fought for equal rights. The words were one of the power which contributed to this.


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