The winner and the nominee

“The winner of this year is……………………….”

I had never cared about who would win the Novel Peace Prize like this time.
Malala, who became an international icon of educational activist
Snoden, who revealed the CIA information for the human rights.
To my surprise, Both of them missed out on the coveted Nobel prize, which was given to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for its work in destroying Syria’s arsenal.

Personaly, I am positive about the result, because for sure international attention was focused on Malala and right for education, and because she didn’t win, the long journey to improve the status quo will yet to end.

Through a number of news and discussions, she addressed what she want to do in the future; becoming a politician in Pakistan to achieve her goal.
(See this article “Malala says she’s no Western Puppet)

“We want to help every child in every country that we can.”
“We will start from Pakistan and Afghanistan and Syria now, especially because they are suffering the most and they are on the top that need our help.
“Later on in my life I want to do politics and I want to become a leader and to bring the change in Pakistan.
“I want to be a politician in Pakistan because I don’t want to be a politician in a country which is already developed.”

Also, it is such an irony that Malala (who missed the peace award) met President Obama (Winner of the prize in 2009) and asked him to do something with regard to the drone attack in Pakistan which killed many innocent people.

I wish she wouldn’t have to go through a corrupted political path as she pursues it.
(and that we could work together in some way. haha)


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