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I can’t excuse not reading, writing and learning new things due to a busy schedule.
From my favorite reading list “Teacher Network”, I came across an interesting article called “”10 professional development ideas for teachers” in which education experts tell us their top tips for ensuring teachers get the most out of professional development sessions.

The 10 ideas are as follows:
1. Root training in real lessons
2. Track the success of sessions
3. Be on Twitter
4. Link training to the school’s aims and personal beliefs:
5. Follow-up on how people found sessions
6. Allocate adequate time and pick delivery days carefully
7. Be creative when buying-in speakers
8. Let teachers drive training
9. Survey staff needs
10. Take charge of your own training

Personally, I really agree with the number 6, 8 and 10 because teachers can be trained through carefully organized schedule, what they like to do and their motivation. It is not limited to teachers but also to any kind of learning.

Many agencies have been focused on teacher to improve quality of education. Although I have no doubt about that given the role of teacher is crucial to student learning, many professional teacher training programs do not take into account the fact that teachers are so busy!
Therefore, I think imposing a training through a top-down approach is not sustainable.

I can’t excuse not reading, writing and learning new things due to a job and other daily routines. Because those are something I want to do.


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