To add 7 years to your life

I came across an interesting article, called “Flossing Adds 7 to Your Life!”
Flossing? Yes, that small thing accompanying tooth brush.  
According to this, research has shown that daily flossing can add seven years to your life.
The trick is that bacteria around your teeth will enter and be piled up in your body and it will increase risk of some disease such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes. So flossing might prevent that from happening. 
Since I left Japan, I pay extra attention to my teeth care given that dental fee is unbelievably expensive outside of Japan (even when I am drunk, I unconsciously brush my teeth and floss before jumping into the bed.  
If your tooth hurt, you can not concentrate on work, sleeping and studying. 
Likewise, if you are sick, you can´t study.
If you study, you will learn how to be healthy and/or raise healthy kids. 
That is, being healthy enables you to study and eventually you learn to be healthy. 

Healthy people tend to take it for granted and realize the importance when they lose it.

I guess being exposed to a diverse people including persons with disability, we might be able to be aware of the health we have (not that simple?).
Anyway, flossing is so important.

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