When was the last time you discriminated somebody or vice versa?

Shamefully, I have discriminated much more than being discriminated.
We unconsciously tend (or not) to discriminate based on our knowledge, experience and education.

Regarding this theme, I came across an interesting experiment in which there were 3 different persons trying to cut the bike lock. The experiment showed how people reacted to those 3 persons.
1: Black boy
2: White boy
3: Blond girl

The result:
1: People kept asking what he was doing and lastly someone called a police
2: People kept asking what he was doing but nobody took any action
3: She received a help from somebody.
(Although the sample is really small) this case shows that people unconsciously discriminate.

Also, in regard with inclusive education (including everyone in “regular” school, including those with disability, afro-descendent, Rome, people from rural area, etc), an article on Indian school addressed some startling facts:

Among parents, teachers and school staff, “the most negative attitude towards children with disabilities was expressed by young teachers; those with postgraduate degrees; and those from high socio-economic backgrounds. Many of those who held this attitude have people with disabilities at home.

Before I became familiar with inclusive education, to be ashame, I didn’t even care so much about persons with disability. Now I am such a inclusion supporter.
Ideally, we should get rid of any type of discrimination. To reach that goal, we need relevant knowledge, experience and education. Inclusive education is a great key toward that goal given that It hold those three factors.

When was the last time you discriminated somebody or vice versa?


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