UNIQLO changes the world?

Here in Chile, Chilly winter is about to finish and I have to thank HEATTECH cloth of UNIQLO, Japanese clothing brand. This lightweight high-tech fabric actually creates heat to warm you up and keep you warm so it is best for traveling.

It’s been more than 15 years since I fell in love with their products given the reasonable cost, simple design and great quality.

What I didn’t know about UNIQLO, however, is that the money I spent for HEATTECH was used to educate children in the world!!
Recently, UNIQLO announced the launch of five projects around the world to help disadvantaged children. Under the JPY 1 billion Project, called “Clothes for Smiles Project”

UNIQLO solicited the public for proposals for projects that achieve its aim, receiving 739 from 46 countries. It has decided to implement eight of these, and five of them are to be launched.

1. Library Project: Cambodia:
To encourage child literacy, it will build libraries, distribute books, publish picture books, and promote the importance of libraries.

2. Waku Work Center Project: Cebu Province, Philippines
It will establish the Waku Work Center which functions as an educational resource for children, a vocational training center, and a career development base.

3. Girls Soccer Project: Bangladesh, Ghana, and Zimbabwe:
It will set up soccer teams and hold tournaments to encourage self-confidence, independence, and teamwork among young women, while raising awareness of women’s rights, health needs, and sexuality.

4. e-Education Project: Manila and Mindanao, Philippines
It offers disadvantaged children DVD lessons by some of the best teachers in the Philippines to provide equal access to education. University students from Japan research local needs, and identify the best teachers in each target region to record the lessons, which UNIQLO and its partners then distribute.

5. Shopping Project: Belgrade, Serbia
It offers children in Serbian refugee centers the chance to shop at a simulated UNIQLO store, providing an exciting opportunity to socialize. Through the program, they also have the opportunity to express themselves through community building opportunities like dance performances.

UNIQLO has earmarked JPY 1 billion from its Fall/Winter 2012 sales of HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down to support this initiative. I feel like buying another HEATTECH.
“Can clothing change the world? UNIQLO not only believes it can. We’re already doing it.” UNIQLO claims.

There are many ways to contribute to the poverty and societies, and there is no recipe.
Maybe, they could distribute school uniformes one day?


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