We do not fear the Group of Death

What kind of image occurs in your mind when you think about “Latin America”?

When I was a kid, the only thing I could think of was “a Soccer Continent”.
After knowing some countries in this continent and seeing many Latinos who are enthsiastic about this sport, it turned out to be true. Also it’s worth mentioning that there exist many NGOs linking education and Soccer in this region.

Of course it’s even more exciting for those whose national team is going for Brasil in a couple of weeks, and Chile is no exception. However it is facing a great challenge in the first group: every group has 4 countries and only 2 can go to the next round, but Chile and Australia are in “the group of death” including two finalists from the last tournament, Spain and the Netherlands.

So Chile made an interesting and moving video to cheer up both the national team and its supporters. But before watching this one-minute-long video, I think it’s worth mentioning the story behind it.

Do you remember the incident of Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010?
They fought in the most strict situation for 70 days and came back as national heroes.

And given the scope of the challenge that the Chilean soccer team is facing in the group of death, the Bank of Chile (Banco de Chile) recruited the 33 miners who survived from the incident to cheer up the team and fans.

Actually, this was published on the New York Times, implying it is worth spreading at a global level. And I can see why, because this one-minute-long video can inspire not only soccer fans in Chile but also anybody who tries to face a big challenge. That’s why I wanted to share this here.

【Miners CM – Help for world cup team 2014】

“Spain is tough? The Netherlands is tough? We don’t fear the ‘group of death’! We don’t care about death! Because we defeated death before!! NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

Indeed their words can tell us something, because they went through the real experience.


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