What happened Latin America?!

What happened Latin America?

The result of the international exam called “PISA” showed that Latin America did not do well.
PISA is an international exam for 15-year-old student, which which the level of education can be somehow compared. It is implemented every three years and the one in 2012 was the fifth one. This one focused on math and 65 countries and economies participated, including 8 countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.
Inter-american Development Bank (IDB) made several graphics on the issue, among which I like the following.
Among the 65 participating countries, the 8 Latin American nations are among the 14 lowest performing ones. Chile is first among the countries of the region (ranking 51). The 1st place is Shanghai-China, and Japan is 7th place.
If you go to the link, there are also other interesting graphics on the issue.
In summary, although participants in PISA are  relatively developed  countries and economies, Latin America is not doing great job, which makes me feel eased, to be honest, because I thought that there was not so much left to do in this field in terms of educational development, and I was going to change my focus region (I am sorry to be egoistic) This is ironic that if you have nothing to improve, there is technically no job for development.
It was a bad news but something that alleviated me on the last day of my 20s.
I keep running in my 30s, 40s….90s and 100s.
I thank everybody I know because you made me who I am now.
Thank you  m(_ _)m

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